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round head · cheese head · hexagon · flat head · countersunk head · raised cheese head
tapping screws
round head · cheese head · countersunk head
cheese head · hexagon · round head · countersunk head
Standard Category
ASME B 18.6.5M-2000(R2010)
ANSI/ASME B 18.13.1M-2011
ANSI/ASME B 18.3.1M-1986(R2008)
ANSI/ASME B 18.6.3-2010
DIN 464-1986
DIN 7500(A)-1995
DIN 7513(BE)-1995
DIN 922-2012
GB 818-1985
GB 830-1988
GB 837-1988
GB 839-1988
GB 845-1976
GB 9074.12-1988
GB 9074.13-1988
GB 9074.14-1988
GB 9074.15-1988
GB 9074.17-1988
GB 9074.2-1988
GB 9074.3-1988
GB 9074.4-1988
GB 9074.7-1988
GB 9074.8-1988
GB 9074.9-1988
GB 948-1988
GB /T 2670.2-2017
GB /T 29.1-1988
GB /T 5282-1985
GB /T 5282-2017
GB /T 65-2000
GB /T 65-2016
GB /T 67-2000
GB /T 68-2000
GB /T 818-2000
GB /T 818-2016
GB /T 828-1988
GB /T 833-1988
GB /T 845-2017
GB /T 9074.1-1988
GB /T 9074.1-2018
GB /T 9074.18(S2)-1988
GB /T 9074.20-1988
GB /T 9074.20-2004
GB /T 9074.5-1988
GB /T 9074.5-2004
GB /T 9074.6-1988
GB /T 946-1988
ISO 1580-2011
JIS B 1188(T1A)-1995
Q 146(B)
Q 220
Q 230(B)
Q 232

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 About Us
     Ruian Combination Fastener Factory was established in 1999 in Tangxia.We specialized in carburetor screw, combination screw, stainless steel non-standard screws, machine screws, outside hexagonal screw, hex screws, widely used in complete appliances, automobile, motorcycle, TV set, high-tech electronic products, electric equipment switch, contactor, relay etc.

       Our company has 10 years experience of carburetor screw production , the production of motorcycle carburetor screw in process after many improvement, the current has reached a new height,the quality is reliable, save assembly time and improve production efficiency, is the ideal choice of the related enterprise, Welcome enterprises all over the country and overseas merchants to come to order, our factory offer most excellent service, sincerely cooperate closely with all parties